St. George's Indian Band

Medicine Walk

Blueberries usually ripen around the middle of august.  The Town of St. George’s hosts an annual “Blueberry Festival” in honour of the “Blueberry”, since the People from this area were once nicknamed “Blueberry Pickers”, now shortened to “Blueberries”.  This nickname was applied to people of Mi’kmaq descent, so the fact that most people in the Bay St. George area considers anyone who is native to St. George’s, a Blueberry, that is a good indication that there must be a lot of people who are of Mi’kmaq descent living in the community of St. George’s.    Our annual “Blueberry Festival” is held on the first weekend of August.  We extend a warm welcome to all visitors to the “Home of the Blueberries”.


The leaves and/or root of this plant can be used to treat rheumatism.  They may be boiled in water and the liquid rubbed on the painful area of the body.  The berries themselves are an excellent general tonic.

Information taken from the book “MICMAC MEDICINES” Remedies and Recollections.  By Laurie Lacey , NIMBUS Publication  Page (43)

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