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Gillian Lee is the daughter of Jeffrey and Mary Lee.  Gillian has stepped down as our Youth Director because she has left the province.  The St. George’s Indian Band would like to thank Gillian for all her help in the past and we wish her luck in the future. 

Growing up in St. George’s, she was always interested in the youth of her community.  Gillian has always been vocal when it comes to issues concerning the youth. She has been involved with many youth organizations and committees, including the St. George’s/Flat Bay/St. Theresa’s Youth Club and the Newfoundland & Labrador Youth Advisory Committee. 

Being involved with the Indian Band has brought her many opportunities to gain knowledge of her culture and heritage.  She has taken part in learning sacred teachings and has participated in sacred ceremonies.  Gillian enjoys learning everything she can about her Mi’kmaq Heritage and passing on what she has learned to others.  She encourages everyone but especially the youth to take part in Aboriginal Days, Powwows and other Cultural Gatherings that provide you with an opportunity to learn about your heritage, for in doing so you will grow as a person and gain the strength and confidence that will enable you to become all that you can be.

Gillian Lee, Youth Representative

Gillian Lee, Youth Representative,

St. George’s Indian Band