St. George's Indian Band

Yvonne MacDonald, Director

Yvonne MacDonald  was born and raised in St. George’s, NL, on Steel Mountain Road.  Yvonne is a member of the St. George’s Indian Band.  She moved to Vancouver, BC, where she worked for two years, but missed her home town, so she returned.  She then met and married Gordon MacDonald another band member.  They have one son named Jacob.

Yvonne worked locally over the years with various companies, but for the last three years has enjoyed working for the St. George’s Indian Band.  For two of those years she worked as a supervisor in the Museum and Gift Shop and as the membership clerk for the St. George’s Indian Band.   

Telephone Number:  (709) 647-3022




Yvonne MacDonald, St. George's Indian Band Membership Clerk

Profile:  Yvonne MacDonald