†St. George's Indian Band

Band Profile

The St. Georgeís Indian Band is a non-profit Miíkmaq organization established in 1972 and affiliated with the Federation of Newfoundland Indians in 1989.† It is comprised of a chief, vice-chief, secretary, treasurer, four directors, an elder and a youth representative who are elected in a democratic process every four years.

The Band currently represents approximately 1700 members inside the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, with another 500 outside the province.

As a First Nationís Band Council, the St. Georgeís Indian Band strives to promote cultural awareness and a sense of pride in our Miíkmaq heritage.† Our priorities include education, health, economic development, improved housing, cultural enhancement, tourism and recreation.

The community of St. Georgeís is an area rich in Miíkmaq history.† Earliest occupation of the area is uncertain, however, the area known as Seal Rocks, that is now a part of the community of St. Georgeís, is well documented as being the largest and principle Miíkmaq settlement in the 17, 18 and early 1900ís.† It was established in 1804 as the first permanent settlement for the settlement of the Miíkmaq People of Newfoundland and for the resettlement of the Miíkmaq of Nova Scotia.† Miíkmaq oral tradition maintains that the Miíkmaq occupation of the area is ancient.

Our spiritual grounds are located in different areas:† Steel Mountain, Mendueuge (Devilís Place), Calvary Hill, Hellís Gultch, Hungry Grove, Seal Rocks, Molly Annís Cove, and the Mouth of Barachois.