St. George's Indian Band

Council Detail

June Galpin (nee White) is a director on the Board of Directors for the St. George’s Indian Band.  Elected to the Board in 2001 and again in 2005, June has devoted many hours of volunteer time to genealogical and historical research for the Band Council.  This is very important work and has been very beneficial to our approximately 2000 members.  June’s hard work has led to many Mi’kmaq People having the proper documentation for membership with the St. George’s Indian Band and the future “Qalipu First Nations”. 

June was born in Shallop Cove, the daughter of John Francis Benoit and Sarah (Sadie) White.  She attended St.  Mary’s school in Shallop Cove and then the old St. Michael’s College in St. George’s.  She left her home town for a mere four years to work in Missouri, USA, as an office manager for Dunn & Bradstreet, the May Co. and Wall Greens.   

June resides in Shallop Cove with her husband Arthur Galpin.  June has two children: One son Jonathan (deceased) and a daughter, Sharon.  She has two grandchildren:  Dylan and Brooke Pumphrey.

June’s hope for the future is that “Everyone who is of Mi’kmaq descent be registered under the Indian Act and become members of the Qalipu First Nations”

June Galpin, Director

June Galpin, Director, St. George’s Indian Band