St. George's Indian Band

Job Opportunity

St. Georges Indian Band has received Community Enhancement Employment Program funding and is seeking workers!

We require 4 workers to:

Demolish and remove small building from site. 

Build / place picnic benches, seats, and story boards.

Prepare grounds for parking / seating areas.


The expected project start date is November 15, 2010.

·     These positions pay minimum wage.

·     All positions are open to both women and men.

·     Workers can be employed for a maximum of 420 hours, less any insurable hours of employment already earned during the current year for the purpose of EI Benefits.

·     Individuals must qualify  for EI by the end of the project.  Further information regarding EI eligibility is available from Service Canada.

·     Individuals who require more than 420 hours of project employment in order to obtain EI benefits are not eligible to participate.


For more information, or to apply, please contact:

Karen White 647-3022 or  Mary Garnier 647-3647